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Among the people present, perhaps only Ian, Huang Wei, and the former Rear Admiral Drake, know the true identity of this "tyrant bear"!

That is not the first seven Wuhai, but a huge robot with the shape of a Bassol raccoon... or a transformational person...

The best and best way to deal with the so-called robots is thunder!

There is a thunderstone trade between Ian and the world government, so he is very clear that there must be a thunderstone as the core energy in the pacifist body, and the current that Ian just released outside the pacifist will Guide the output power of the lightning stone, causing a sudden and intense discharge phenomenon, so that the pacifist's body will be overloaded and short-circuited, so it is directly in the armpit.

Hawkins, they were surprised, but they did not know that these pacifists were the easiest targets for Ian and even Aini.

However, this cannot be said that the pacifists are weak. In fact, even Ian knows that this batch of pacifists has just been completed, and the Navy has brought the island of shampoo, which is basically to test the performance. This is the case, these pacifists also have a good fighting power.

The most intuitive reference object is actually the former Rear Admiral Drake. He has played with the pacifists. It is a tie, but he has eaten a little loss. This shows that the pacifist is in a complete weapon system. Now, it has the same fighting power as the Rear Admiral.

A naval general will probably not be a threat, but the key is that the pacifist is not as difficult to train as a naval general, he is directly mass-produced!

Once the navy has recognized the pacifist's combat effectiveness, then hundreds of more-level officers will be able to come and even more!

It’s horrible to think about it...

The pacifist fell to the foot of Ian, and Ian bent down and smashed the clothing of the pacifist's neck and saw the pacifist's number.


Ian nodded and waved at Doroney, who was floating in the middle of the Ark rumor.

Doroy and Matthew, just stayed on the boat and watched the battle between Aini Road and Huang Wei below. At this time, when they saw the captain's call, they immediately jumped down, and the huge weight trembled on the ground.

"Captain!" Doroni came to Ian's side and asked, "What is the order?"

"Take this guy to the boat!" Ian said: "This is our spoils, and we have to take it away!"

Ian just used the powerful current to overturn the PX3. It can be said that this pacifist has been completely preserved. Even if there is overload and short circuit in the body, it is just an ordinary fault. I believe that if I bring it back, With the technology of Varudo, it should be able to fix it.

Ian said before leaving Marin Vado, the Navy did not want to trade, then he came to get it himself, now he did it!

The pacifist is concerned with some things about Xiong Shu, Ian can't put this must, so he has to get it anyway. He wants to see from these pacifists whether he can find out why Xiong Shu should cooperate with the Navy human test. I even want to find out if I can still restore these pacifists to people.

After all, these pacifists are not robots in the pure sense, but are transformed from the clones of Xiong Shu!

The Jerma Group also has a cloned army, and this cloned technique should be based on the pedigree factor. Begarbank, as the discoverer of the bloodline factor, can naturally also create clones, which is why the Naval Science Forces will Jerma’s armed clothing technology is of interest, but it does not care about Jerma’s cloning technology.

When I heard the command of Ian, Doroni naturally took care of it and picked up the huge body of the pacifist and threw it on the boat above.

However, at this time, a ray of light suddenly appeared in the middle of the road, and the figure of Huang Qi’s guy also flashed out. He faced the pacifist who was thrown up by Dorothy and kicked it down!

"You dare!!?" When Ian appeared in the figure of Huang Wei, he realized that it was not good, and could not help but yell.

However, Huang Wei simply ignored Ian’s roar, and made a heavy effort to kick the pacifist from the sky and slammed the ground!

The ground was hit by a huge force and a big pit. When the smoke dissipated, Ian saw that the pacifist's right rib position had been kicked and broken by Huang Wei's speed of light, leaving only one The dent, like a bite by something, sparks in the gap, and the broken parts and wires emerge from the gap, accompanied by a small amount of red blood and light yellow oil.

Needless to say, this pacifist has been completely destroyed by Huang Wei!

"Huang Wei, you are trying to fight, are you?" Ian’s hand has been supported on the handle, and the thumb has already opened the knife of thousands of cherry blossoms, and his face is cold.

He really didn't defend it. I didn't expect Huang Qi, the old-fashioned guy, to suddenly drop Ai Ni Road, teleported here, and successfully intercepted Yi'an attempt to throw the pacifist into the ship.

"Hey, Ian!" Huang Hao rubbed his hands in the striped suit pocket, floating in the air, sneering at Ian: "Do you think I will make you feel good? Don't forget, Marshal of the Warring States has already issued The command to take you back, the generals are also coming to the island, and when you are like these new pirates, you will be imprisoned in the city!"

As soon as he heard Huang Hao, Hawkins could not help but take a breath of air, and there is still a naval general is coming! ?

Although they all know that the generals may be for Ian, not for their supernova, but this still makes them can not help but be shocked.

A general is so difficult to deal with, and another one has to get it?

Ai Ni Road also came to Ian's side at this time, staring at Huang Wei with a sullen look. Huang Qi, this guy suddenly left in the battle with him, which made Ai Ni Road very angry.

And Ian is calculating in the heart at this time.

Some of his unexpected warring states would directly issue orders to arrest themselves. So, the Warring States now directly and recklessly turned their faces with reckless consequences?

Although this kind of anticipation has long existed, but suddenly heard from Huang Weizui, Ian was still very surprised by the decision of the Warring States. In the face of the vacant situation of the Qiwu Sea, the Warring States even had the courage to stand up again. Losing a situation in Qiwuhai, issued such an order, so this time, the Navy is really a big picture this time...

As for what Huang Biao said, the news that Qinglan is coming, Ian is not worried.

Nowadays, Ian is not the original Ian who escaped from Mary Joa. Now he is not afraid of the Qing dynasty. After all, his flame ability is very obvious to the restraint of the Qing dynasty.

At that time, Ai Ni Road was responsible for keeping Huang Qi, and he was dealing with the Qing Dynasty. Even if it was two naval generals, Ian also had confidence to be invincible.

However, when the time comes to fight, the situation is not well controlled, and the two naval generals are fighting, this shampoo island does not know that it can not be guaranteed...

Ian counted the time when Qinglan might come. He thought that it might take a while for Qingyi to reach the island, because even if Qingyi wakes up and immediately leaves, he is also on a naval warship. There is no Ain their ark. Flying so fast, so conservatively estimated that the youth will be behind Ian for 20 to 30 minutes!

enough! This time, enough to make a time difference, before the green rush comes, first think of ways to hit Huang Hao!

At the thought of this, Ian began to murder and spread, and he wanted to pull the knife.

However, at this time, the quirky Urki came to Ian behind them, and then suddenly fell asleep on Aini Road, saying: "God, please allow me to fight!"

This situation attracted Aini Road and Ian, and Hawkins, they could not help but sigh.

Hawkins did not understand why Urki would call Aini Road "God", and Ian did not expect Urki to have such respect for Aini Road.

As for Aini Road, he did not expect to be here in the blue sea, once again heard someone call him like this.

However, immediately after Ian reacted, he saw the pair of seemingly larger wings behind Urki. When he remembered it, the four gods on the island were the same size.

No way? Is this quirky Urki, even from the same hometown as Aini Road, the empty island of Bilka?

Moreover, listening to his name for Aini Road seems to be a follower of Aini Road?

"You are..." Aini Lu rubbed his head and looked at Urki with some uncertainty.

"I am Urki..." Urki lowered his head in front of Aini Road and said, "Yes..."

His words have not been finished yet, and suddenly he has become awkward. In the absence of Ai Ni Road, Urki suddenly burst into trouble, and a huge stone scorpion in his hand was bombarded on Aini Road. On the belly!

With a bang, Aini Road didn’t think that Urki would do anything to him, so there was no elemental body. After being hit by this attack, the mouth spit blood, and then the whole person was shot and flew out. Kneeling in the opposite stone!

This change is really unpredictable, and even Ian did not think of this.

After waiting for Ai Ni Road to fly out, Urki’s smile has never changed, and it has become gloomy. He said: “It’s an avenger who destroyed your hometown!”

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