Who Is Brittany Renner? The Unapologetic Social Media Influencer With Tons Of Game (2024)

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Social media influencer Brittany Renner has raked in an impressive following of over 4.6 million fans on Instagram with her unapologetic videos and unwavering confidence. With a bio that reads, Oh, to be a mad, mouthy, majestic woman in a world full of frauds and followers…,” you can already begin to imagine the type of content you could expect to see on Renner’s page, especially if you aren’t quite familiar with the model’s social media presence. From her super sexy photoshoots to her painfully honest commentary on topics like sex, love, and relationships, Renner, who goes by @budleofbrittany on Instagram, is an open book. The 29-year-old has never been shy about discussing some of the private details of her very own life, including her high-profile relationship with Charlotte Hornets star P.J. Washington. Not familiar with Renner? Let’s learn more about the independent bombshell.

From Soccer Star To Fitness Guru

Renner previously revealed during an interview with DJ Vlad in 2021, that she grew up in a little town called Ocean Springs in Mississippi. Her mother is white, and her father is Black. The social media influencer has three siblings: a sister named Lexie, a brother named Steven, in addition to another brother whose name she did not mention. Renner revealed that after the age of nine, her grandmother took her and her siblings in to raise them after her mother fell into a financial rut. The Mississippi native shared that her grandmother’s strict upbringing forced her to rebel as she got older. She would often sneak out and drink vodka with her friends.

Renner admitted during her candid sit down that while her father was around briefly during her childhood, she didn’t quite connect with him until 2015. Her father struggled with alcoholism. The social media guru confessed that she still had some unresolved trauma from the absence of both of her parents.

Soccer played a vital role in providing structure for Renner and her siblings. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Renner attended Jackson State University where she played soccer, “eventually becoming the university’s Southwestern Athletic Conference Women’s soccer winner in 2010.”

The star quickly streamlined her success on the field to social media, where she took a shot at creating fitness content. Renner documented her health journey and used her sexy physique to showcase her pristine soccer moves. In 2013, the star’s first video, “Brittany Renner Track Circuit,” went viral, catapulting her following on Instagram and Youtube.

Around that time, Brittany began dating the German New Yorker Lions’ then-rookie Casey Therriault, who helped her to grow her social media following. However, the two ended up going their separate ways after social media began to impact their 5-year-long relationship negatively.

“… You find almost like your partner is competing with you for attention, and they start to seek attention from their own page because they are trying to keep up with you…” Renner told Vlad TV in 2014. I just felt like we started to lose focus on each other and our relationship became more about the business… It just fell apart.”

In early October, Renner went viral after she posted a video of herself showcasing her soccer skills. “Juggling balls is my favorite,” the former athlete joked as she tossed the soccer ball from one foot to the other.

A Hefty Hip Hop Track Record

Fresh out of her relationship with Therriault in 2014, Brittany began to rub shoulders with megastars throughout the hip-hop world and sports community. Renner’s name was at the center of headlines in 2018 after she confessed to messing around with a few big names in the entertainment industry. The star said during an Instagram live session, that she had previously slept with “eleven athletes, five entertainers, and eight ‘regular’ men.” Some salacious rumors have linked Renner’s name to a number of rappers and NFL players including Trey Songz, Ben Simmons, Drake, and Colin Kaepernick,with who she was rumored to have been impregnated by at one point. Of course, Renner never confirmed the hearsay.

Her Tell-All Book

The same year, the mother of one released her first book, Judge This Cover, where she dished about some of her alleged celebrity relationships, but in order to maintain privacy, the star created fake alias’ for the men, dedicating a chapter to each name with titles like “Evan: Flag on the play,” which was said to be about Colin Kaepernick and “Frank: One and Done,” a chapter allegedly detailing her relationship with Ben Simmons.

While much of the content in Renner’s book was speculation, the star did however date Lil Uzi Vert in 2017, which she gave fans a bit of insight about in the book. Brittany also claimed in one chapter that Drake had allegedly asked her to partake in an orgy, which she turned down.

While Renner’s scandalous confessions have drawn in criticism from some online haters in the past, despite the backlash, the move landed the star a few profitable business deals with brands like Fashion Nova and Bounce Curl, in addition to her booming fitness endeavors. Earlier this year, the bustling beauty launched her own activewear line called Rebel by Brittney Renner. The sporty diva is often seen wearing some of the items showcased in her colorful fashion line.

Her Complicated Relationship With P.J. Washington

It’s unclear as to when Renner and P.J. first began dating butrumors of their suspected romance sparked back in February 2019. According to Renner’s previous interviews, the two met when she was 26 and the NBA star was just 20 years old. A promoter, who regularly booked Renner, introduced the two to one another over social media. In 2018, Washington invited her to his game at the University of Kentucky and the former lovebird’s relationship began to blossom, leading up to the star becoming pregnant. Sadly, shortly after welcoming their cute son, Paul Jamaine Washington III, the sexy model and Washington split in March 2021. Renner claimed that their age difference played a large role in their miscommunication and that they had to “unlearn” many toxic behaviors they experienced in their childhoods. The internet entrepreneur also alleged that Washington kicked her out of their home in Charlotte when she found out she was pregnant at seven months.

P.J. blew the whistle on their breakup back in July of last year after he tweeted and deleted a message claiming that Renner was “faking it all along,”Hip Hop DXnotes. Following their split, rumors surfaced that the 2019 NBA draft pick had to cough up nearly $200,000 per month in child support to Renner, but the chatter was all“cap”,according to P.J.’s Twitter post in August.

Many social media critics have accused Britanny of being a gold-digger and have slammed the outspoken fitness guru for having their son to swindle the young basketball player out of money. However, Renner denied those claims during a heated interview with DJ Akademiks in November 2021.

“This is what I get so f***ing annoyed about is like when do you as men take accountability you are old enough to ride this ride,” Brittany said in the viral interview “You want to f**k with me, you want to c*m in me, you want to f**k me raw, so why are we babying men who make decisions for themselves…Stop acting like someone had to pull the wool over his eyes.”

Renner continued:

“Please stop playing this victim narrative, If you wanted to just f**k me and say, ‘Oh she’s trophy pu**y, I hit Brittany Renner,’ that’s that. Why did we have a baby? Our baby’s name is Paul Jamaine Washington III,” she added. “Does that sound like an oops baby? Does that sound like someone who has been bamboozled? You asked me to move in with you. You asked me to have your child at 22 years old. And here we are.”

While their relationship has been rocky, it seems as though the pair have made amends over the last year. Back in August, Renner congratulated Washington after he proposed to his new model girlfriend Alisah Chanel.

From influencer to self-help coach

Since her viral interview, Renner has been transparent about some of the challenges of dating multiple men in the limelight and her journey as a single mother. The social media influencer often reflects on how the events have challenged her mental health and sense of self-confidence.

The star was recently invited back to her alma mater at Jackson State University to give a lecture alongside the school’s football coach Deion Sanders and the football team. Renner dropped a few gems on some of the challenges the men may face off the field as they begin to excel in their sports careers.

Renner even flips the script on herself at times, sharing vulnerable videos where she highlights some of the hardships she experiences behind closed doors. In a recent video, the mother of one broke down as she discussed the challenges of forgiving and letting go.

In another post, Renner lit into internet detractors who criticized her for standing in her truth.


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Who Is Brittany Renner? The Unapologetic Social Media Influencer With Tons Of Game (2024)
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