Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (2024)

Warframe's latest cinematic quest, The New War, is finally here. After years of waiting, fans can finally start the war with the Sentients in this four-hour cinematic adventure. The quest makes many innovations to the Warframe formula, some of which many fans might not be expecting.

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But with new innovations comes new challenges. The New War features critical choices and certain encounters that might prove challenging for some players. This massive guide will go over every aspect of The New War quest from start to finish. A table of contents can be found under the first section to jump to any part you're stuck on. Oh, and if it wasn't obvious...

This Article Contains Spoilers For Warframe's The New War Quest

How To Start The New War Quest

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (1)

The New War quest has a few prerequistes you'll need to meet. You must have completed the following quests:

  • Natah
  • The Second Dream
  • The War Within
  • Chains of Harrow
  • Apostasy Prologue
  • The Sacrifice
  • Chimera Prologue
  • Erra
  • The Maker
  • Rising Tide
  • Heart of Deimos

In addition, you must also own a Necramech and Railjack. While not explicitly required, we also highly recommend your Operator has a better Amp than the Mote Amp received from Quill Onkko. For more information on preparing for the New War, consult our New War prep guide.

Final Spoiler Warning For The New War

Table Of Contents




Approach The Sentient Mothership



The Rise Of Narmer

The Drifter's Camp

Stolen Plates

Enemy Of Enemies

Quest Branch: The Wild Hunt

Heal The Lotus


Explore The Zariman Ten Zero

Decision: The Operator Or The Drifter

She Gives, We Live

Approach Praghasa

Defeat Ballas

Decision: I Am...

Post-Quest Content



Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (2)

The Sentients have invaded the Plains of Eidolon with full force. The Tenno are nowhere to be seen, leaving the Grinner to fend off against the Sentient threat. Instead of playing as your Warframe or Operator for this section, you'll be playing as a Grinner named Kahl-175.

Kahl-175 Stats


Health: 1,000 (doesn't regen)


Weapon: Grakata

Melee: Machete


Incendiary Grenade: Throw a grenade that leaves a burning field after detonation, dealing immense Heat damage.

Ballistic Inflatable: Deploy an inflatable piece of cover.

Your first objective is to help a crashed pilot. The path forward is quite linear and will lead you straight to the pilot. Dotting the path will be a few Sentient Battalysts. Despite their ability to adapt to damage, Kahl's weapons deal immense damage to them. You should be able to kill them with your Grakata with ease.

Note: Dotted along the path will be ammo stations you can use to replenish your Grakata's ammo reserves. Be sure to activate them.

Unfortunately, the pilot didn't make it out alive. The source of the Sentient invasion seems to be coming from a massive Orphix at the center of the Plains. Vay Hek, your superior, knows of a bomb you can use to destroy the Orphix to help save your brothers. It's a one-way ticket. Once the bomb is armed, there's no coming back.

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You'll need to sneak into a Grineer outpost patrolled by Sentient ships to get the bomb you need. Avoid the lights. If these ships see you, it's over. The ships seem to only patrol the epicenter of the camp, so you can run to the side of the encampment to easily reach the bomb.

After you grab the bomb, Kahl will conveniently find a Corinth Prime beside a dead Rhino Warframe. This weapon annihilates Sentients, particularly its buckshot fire mode. Use the alt-fire button to launch a grenade to kill weaker Sentients, then use the buckshot primary fire to finish them off. Clear out all of the Sentients near the Orphix to arm the bomb.

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You'll now be in control of a Corpus engineer named Veso. The ship you're stationed on is suffering from the brunt of the Sentient invasion, battling a Sentient mothership in orbit. Veso gets a communication from Alad V telling him to engage three command overrides on the ship.

Veso Stats


Health: 300 (doesn't regen)

Shield: 150


Weapon: Plinx

Melee: Rumblejack


Breacher Moa: Deploy an agile MOA that explodes when damaged.

Shield Drones: Deploy an osprey that replenishes the shields of Veso and his drones.

Striker MOA: Deploy a MOA weapons platform.

Command Override #1

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (5)

Veso's abilities require a nearby MOA dispenser to activate. If one is near you, press the respective ability input to summon that minion type. When you start this mission, you'll be trapped in a room with an exit that's covered in debris. To clear the debris, deploy a Breacher MOA, move it near the debris (input the Breacher Moa ability again to move it somewhere), then shoot the MOA. This wll cause it to explode, clearing the path forward. Call in another Breacher MOA before proceeding.

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (6)

Further into the ship, up a set of stairs, is the first command override console. Veso isn't able to reach through the door, so you'll need the Breacher MOA to access the panel. Press the Breacher MOA input on the terminal to order the MOA to hack it.

Command Override #2

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (7)

Further down the ship, you'll find a Shield Drone deployment station. This drone will keep Veso's shields at maximum capacity, allowing you to run through the series of Corpus turrets up ahead. Don't shoot the turrets. Veso's weapons are no match for their shields. Fight your way through the series of MOAs up ahead to reach a Striker MOA station. These MOAs are equipped with serious firepower, enough to destroy Corpus turrets and most corrupted Corpus machines.

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (8)

You'll find the second command override in an electrified room. To hack this console, send a Breacher MOA and the Shield Drone into the room. The Shield Drone will keep the Breacher MOA alive long enough to disable the malfunctioning shield device and override the second console.

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Make your way to the other end of the room, fighting the corrupted MOAs in your way. The next room will have a box connected to a rail. To move it, have your Breacher MOA hack the nearby terminal while you're inside the box. The following room will have stations to deploy all of Veso's abilities. Summon them while talking to Alad V; you're about to fight a boss.

Jackal Boss Fight

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (9)

There's a rogue Jackal that's protecting the final command override aboard the ship. Since you aren't playing as a Warframe, taking out the Jackal is going to prove more difficult. This version of the Jackal only has two health bars instead of four.

Mechanically, this fight is almost the same as the Jackal boss on Venus. You'll need to damage one of the Jackal's legs to start its repair routine. Direct your Striker MOA to damage a specific limb. Once it's destroyed, the Jackal will create a laser grid that spins at the center of the arena. Stick to cover to avoid the lasers. The Jackal will drop down shortly after, giving you a moment to permanently damage it. Direct a Breacher MOA to the Jackal and detonate it. This will remove half of the Jackal's total health. Repeat this one more time to destroy the Jackal.

Note: Should any of your minions die, you can redeploy them at stations surrounding the boss arena.

Push into the next room to find the final command override. Alad V will give the order for all Corpus ships to stand down. Veso disagrees. The Corpus flotilla uses all of its firepower to damage the Murex ships before going down in a blaze of glory.

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Approach The Sentient Mothership

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (10)

Your Railjack has been deployed as a response to the Sentient threat. Using your Railjack, you'll need to defeat Sentient fighters and make your way inside the Sentient mothership. This acts like a typical Skirmish mission, so this shouldn't take too long if you've upgraded your Railjack at all.

When you get close to the ship, you'll need to repair your Railjack's slingshot to get inside. Keep the Railjack parked outside the Murex for a short duration, then look directly at the ship to start the next section.

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Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (11)

Before your Warframe can enter the Sentient ship, Teshin needs to destroy Orphix field generators aboard the ship. Out of every playable character, Teshin is the closest to your Warframe. He's able to wall hop, double jump, slide, roll, and chain together melee attacks with stance combos. Teshin might not be able to bullet jump or use guns, but his skill with nikanas and glaives will make most Warframe players feel right at home.

Teshin Stats


Health: 1,200 (doesn't regen)

Shield: 225


Weapon: Glaive

Melee: Dual Nikanas


Heat Aspect: Engulf your blades in flame.

Cold Aspect: Envelop your blades in ice.

Electricity Aspect: Cover your blades in lightning.

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (12)

The Sentients aboard this ship are vulnerable to a specific type of damage, denoted by the glow around their body:

  • Orange Glow: Heat
  • White Glow: Cold
  • Blue Glow: Lightning

You must activate the correct aspect to damage these Sentients. Each element you swap to will also change your melee Stance. Teshin also has access to his signature glaive through your fire input. At any point during its fight, you can press your alt-fire input to slingshot toward your glaive, making it an excellent mobility tool.

The doors that lead to each Orphix generator will be protected with an energy lock. To break the lock, you must attack an energy capsule at the end of the room (marked on your HUD). This will spawn a series of smaller locks you must break in a moderate timeframe. Breaking a lock will create a trail of energy that will lead you to the next lock. Should you miss the trail, keep your eyes peeled for a Sentient-looking pod with a red aura. A single hit from your nikanas or glaive will break it. If the timer reaches zero during this part, you'll need to break every lock once again. Break every lock to progress.

Orphix generators themselves are quite easy to break. Defeat all of the nearby Sentient defenders to remove their shields. Hack away at the generator with your nikanas to break it.

Typholyst Boss Fight

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (13)

The fourth Orphix you'll destroy will be guarded by a Typholyst, a massive Sentient that creates wave attacks with its hands. This enemy has three phases:

  • Phase One: Cold Aspect
  • Phase Two: Heat Aspect
  • Phase Three: Electric Aspect

For every phase, the Trypholyst will attempt to face you before unleashing a wide range of AoE attacks with its hands. You'll want to stay behind the Typholyst to avoid attacks, using your glaive to slingshot across the arena if it attempts to catch you in a whirlwind. Use the right element, strike the target from behind, and remember to block or reposition if you're caught in the open. When you've fully lowered the enemy's HP, get near the Typholyst and use a finisher. Break the Orphix and proceed further into the ship. You'll have to fight another Typholyst near the end of the mission. Use the same strategy as above to slay the boss.

Duel Erra

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (14)

A first-person cutscene will play near the end of Teshin's segment. You'll have to duel Erra as Teshin but from the perspective of another character. This part is fairly simple. Hold the block button when Erra is about to hit you, then retaliate with one or two sword swings. Rinse and repeat until this section's over.

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The Rise Of Narmer

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (15)

The Sentients have won. Ballas rules over the Solar System with an iron fist, creating a new Sentient empire named the Narmer while indoctrinating every organic being with some sort of mask. Your Warframe and Operator appear out of action for the time being.

A single person is deployed in the midst of an Earth Grineer outpost to neutralize one of the Narmer's outposts. Everyone refers to this character as the Drifter.

Drifter Stats


Health: 250 (doesn't regen)


Weapon: Sirocco


Restorative: Inject a serum that replenishes 50 HP.

Smoke Screen: Throw a smoke grenade that envelops the area in shadow, turning you invisible while in the radius.

Target Radar: Detect nearby allies and enemies through walls.

You'll be deployed just outside of a Narmer gate, guarded by an indoctrinated Grineer soldier. Use your Sirocco pistol to take them down. This weapon has a unique property where timing your reload will overcharge your next shot, one-shotting most enemies in this mission. Make your way to the gate's terminal.

Sentient Terminal Hacking Explained

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (16)

The Sentients use their own hacking minigame, just like the Grineer and Corpus. When you hack into a terminal, you'll splice into an interface with two halves, each side housing multiple dots. Your cursor is reflected on the other side of the hacking terminal, effectively inverting your controls. You'll need to line up the cursor on the opposite side to each dot. When one side is done, flip to the other side and hack the remaining dots.

The cursors in this minigame have an inverse relationship with respect to the central divider. If you move your cursor up, the other cursor moves down. If you move your cursor right, the reflected cursor moves left. It'll take a few tries to get used to, but do your best to input the opposite of what you're used to. Line up the cursor with all the dots to unock the gate.

Neutralize Narmer Outpost

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (17)

Narmer soldiers will be patrolling the forest for the remainder of the mission. Your goal is to push through the forest into an outpost at the other end of the map, rescuing any Ostrons you find. Ostron captives are held in cages found throughout the map. You can use the Target Radar ability to tag them, allowing you to more easily get to them. There are ten Ostron in total. Rescuing them all doesn't seem to give any bonus rewards, so it's only worth doing if you're a completionist. Each cluster of soldiers is typically guarding at least one Ostron, usually two or three.

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (18)

When you make it to the other end of the forest, the vegetation will give way to a massive Grineer structure. Descend into the building to find a group of Narmer soldiers indoctrinating an Ostron. Sentients will spawn in the arena and try to kill you, but the Sirocco should make short work of them. An Archon—a Sentient and Warframe hybrid—will spawn shortly thereafter. Make a hasty escape out of the facility, using Smoke Screens and liberal use of combat rolling to reach extraction.

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The Drifter's Camp

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (19)

It seems that the Operator's ship and orbiter have been relocated to the depths of Earth's forests. You'll be dropped off right outside of the orbiter. Descend into the Operator's room to find the remains of the Lotus. It is revealed that you are actually the Drifter. The Drifter is an adult version of the Operator who never got their Void powers, relying on gadgets to survive. And that strange robot talking to you in the last mission? That's Ordis, although how he obtained that mechanical body is unknown.

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (20)

Lotus is going to need some sort of energy to stay alive. The Drifter has an idea of who can help them, but they're going to need a Corpus shuttle to reach them. You'll need to steal one from the Orb Vallis on Venus to reach your contact.

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Stolen Plates

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (21)

Solaris United has been compromised. The entirety of Fortuna has been indoctrinated to worship Ballas. Getting to the Orb Vallis will require using the elevator in Fortuna. You'll need to navigate past the Solaris United workers and avoid detection from Deacons—floating enemies that project a red cone from their eyes. If these enemies spot you, you'll need to restart the stealth section. Stick to nearby crates, waiting for the Deacons to look away. This is a safe path:

Spawn -> Rude Zuud's store -> Coolant river -> The Business' store ->The crates outside Leg's store -> Enter the vent directly next to the stairs

This will take you through a rather massive air duct, no doubt meant for the Vent Kids in Fortuna. Use it to reach the end of Fortuna, then book it for the elevator. A Smoke Screen will ensure no Deacon will see you.

Infiltrate Narmer Veil Factory

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (22)

You'll find the Narmer Veil factory at the Spaceport of the Orb Vallis. Use the K-Drive beside the Fortuna entrance to reach the factory. Once at the Spaceport, clear out the enemies until Little Duck tells you to wear a Veil mask. With the mask on, make your way into the factory. Standard NPCs won't notice you, but patrolling Deacons will still kill you if you're spotted.

Deacons will be patrolling just about every part of this factory. When the objective splits into two parts, head left. This room has an elevator at the other end you can use to disable some of the facility's security. You'll want to stay behind the Deacon patrolling the walkway; it won't turn around until it reaches the other end of the walkway. When you ascend the elevator, walk up the pipes to your left. This will let you walk right above a patrolling Deacon. Drop down, interact with the terminal in the adjacent room, then drop down the hatch in the floor nearby.

The Deacon that was guarding the stairs in the right room should now be patrolling the first floor. Run up the stairs in the room to your right and proceed to the objective marker. Activating this terminal will trigger an alarm, so prepare to make a mad dash out of the facility. Use your Smoke Screen to safely exit the facility. Little Duck will have a Corpus shuttle waiting for you just outside, taking you to the Drifter's Camp.

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Enemy Of Enemies

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (23)

This part of The New War is almost entirely exposition. When you land on Uranus, use the elevators to descend into the remains of Tyl Regor's cloning facility. Stalker will sporadically appear during this section, killing any Narmer soldiers attempting to kill you. Follow the waypoints on your HUD to reach your contact.

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It turns out that your contact was none other than Hunhow, Natah's father. So long as you bring the Lotus back to full health, Hunhow is willing to help you. The Drifter accepts.

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (24)

To heal the Lotus, you're going to need three Archon crystals. Narmer's army conveniently has three Archons you can hunt down: Amar, Boreal, and Nira. Hunhow will give you a Sentient bow to help with this task. Test out the bow for Hunhow, then backtrack to extraction.

Bow Tip: Releasing the fire input just before it fully charges will force your arrow to red crit, dealing immense damage to the target.

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Zariman Ten Zero Flashback

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (25)

If you care about Warframe's lore at all, this next section is extremely important and explains the strange inconsistencies and time jumps that happen for the rest of the quest.

In essence, this flashback sequence explains how time travel (or lack thereof) and parallel universes work in Warframe. Before the Orokin discovered the Void, humanity believed in Presentism, the belief that only the present matters. The past is set in stone and the future is an abstract concept. Warframe follows the idea of Externalism, the idea that all realities coexist and can be accessed through the chaotic energy of the Void. The Cephalon teacher in your classroom will give you a short quiz that attempts to judge your understanding of this concept.

The correct answers to the questions are listed below.

Zariman Quiz Answers

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (26)
  • Question: Which of the following is not one of the Theories of Time?
    • Answer: B – Futurism
  • Question: What is the principal failing of Presentism?
    • Answer: A – It considers the Present to be the only reality.
  • Question: Lintana's parents have been captured, but she has a choice. The button that opens her mother's cell door will flood her father's cell with deadly radiation, and vice versa. She presses once of the buttons. Under Eternalism, which of the following statements is universally true?
    • Answer: C – Her parents will survive. Her parents will die.

Warframe is trying to tell you that every branching decision someone could have made has been made in a parallel dimension and is accessible through the Void, even if the timeline for the decision doesn't match your own. This will help explain why some of the later scenes for this quest seem out of place or disjointed.

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The Wild Hunt

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (27)


With a Sentient bow in hand and a new goal, it's time to hunt down the Warframe-Sentient hybrid Archons that dot the Sol System. This stage of the quest branches off slightly, allowing you to eliminate the Archons in any order you see fit. There's no "best" Archon to fight first; fight whichever enemy seems interesting to you. All three boss fights are covered below. We'll just be focusing on the boss fights themselves, as the objectives proceeding each boss fight are trivial and don't require any guidance.

Note: The third Archon cannot be fought until much later in the quest. Save the Archon you think will be the hardest for last. We recommend leaving Nira for last.

Archon Amar

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (28)
  • Warframe: Rhino
  • Behavior: Aggressive, charging and leaping at the Drifter whenever possible

Amar shares many similarities with the Rhino Warframe it's using as a host. This Archon has four main attacks:

  1. Charge: Amar will get on all fours and charge you.
  2. Leap: Amar will leap into the air and hang there for a second before landing with a slam attack.
  3. Clones: When Amar takes a certain threshold of damage, it'll create an array of clones around you. You'll need to damage the clones until you hit the real Amar.
  4. Grab: If Amar gets within melee distance, it'll attempt to grab you. You'll need to mash the melee button to break its grasp.
    1. You can change the tap input to "hold" through the options menu if you dislike quick time events.

This Archon also has a few melee attack combos it'll attempt to use on you, but most players won't see them if they stay at mid-range—something we recommend since you have an explosive bow and on-demand invisibility through Smoke Screen. Time your charges with the bow to constantly red crit Amar while it's on the ground. Should Amar leap into the air, immediately dodge to the side to avoid the attack. Use the same strategy if you see Amar get on all fours. For its clones, you'll want to fire uncharged bow arrows to quickly kill them. If the clones are bunched close together, use the charged attack instead.

Amar has two phases before it'll die, both of which play out exactly the same. Keep your distance from this Archon, fire as many charged bow shots as you can, and remember to use your Restorative ability whenever your HP drops to 200 or lower. Lowering Amar's HP to zero in its second arena will end the fight.

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Archon Boreal

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (29)
  • Warframe: Loki
  • Behavior: Opportunistic, only attacking when it gets line-of-sight with you

Boreal uses abilities that either stun you or provide some sort of area denial. Here's what Boreal is capable of:

  1. Fusion Strike: Just like Caliban's ultimate, Boreal will project three beams that converge, causing an explosion at the target area.
  2. Electric Ground: Boreal conjures an electric segment of ground with its scepter.
  3. Electric Gaze: Boreal will lock eyes with you before releasing a beam of electricity.
    1. It'll use a more powerful variant of this at times, creating a suction field on impact.
  4. Screech: Boreal will begin to scream, projecting a dome around itself.
    1. You'll need to enter the dome and shoot Boreal to stop the attack.

You'll face Boreal in the midst of an Earth forest. This boss is all about managing your distance and sightlines. For the first arena, use the two trees near the entrance to keep your distance from Boreal. The trees will help you avoid Boreal's projectiles and electric attacks. Hunhow might have stated how perceptive Boreal is, but it can't detect you if you're in a Smoke Screen. Use one if Boreal lowers your HP to safely use a Restorative.

Every time you lower Boreal's HP by 33%, it'll use its Screech attack to repel you. You'll need to push through the scream to enter the dome and hit Boreal. It's easiest to enter the dome by rolling and using quick slides (start to slide and immediately stop). Hitting Boreal while in the dome will stop the attack and continue the fight. Boreal will deploy four Conculysts each time this happens, nothing a perfectly-charged bow can't counter.

At 33% HP, Boreal will retreat further into the forest. Chase the Archon down and finish the fight. It uses the same attacks for the second phase, so keep using the same strategy. You won't have any trees to hide behind in the second arena, however. Use the mound at the center of the arena as a way of breaking sightlines with Boreal and its minions. Use a finisher on Boreal when it loses all of its HP to finish the fight.

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Archon Nira

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (30)
  • Warframe: Mag
  • Behavior: Deceptive, changing engagement ranges and constantly repositioning

Nira is arguably the hardest boss of the bunch, attempting to barrage the Drifter with poisonous projectiles. Here's what you're dealing with:

  1. Venom Spit: Nira will launch an AoE projectile towards you, inflicting Toxin if it hits.
  2. Tail Whip: If you get too close to Nira, it'll attempt to melee you with its snake tail.
  3. Leap: Nira will leap to your location, attempting to bite you.
  4. Teleport: Nira will teleport to a random location.
  5. Rip Line: Nira will use its snake head to fling itself somewhere.
  6. Molt: Nira will begin to regenerate its health and charge a massive AoE blast.

For as many abilities as Nira can use, it tends to only use Venom Spit and a repositioning ability like Teleport. It will stick to mid-range as much as possible. To make this fight easier, try to fight Nira from a Smoke Screen; it can't hit you if it can't see you. You can also use this opportunity to apply a Restorative to purge any Toxin status effects on the Drifter.

Whenever Smoke Screen runs out, you'll want to reposition to a location with some sort of cover. Being able to dodge Nira's projectile attacks is key to surviving this fight. Should the Archon charge you, reposition to a new piece of cover. The Archon will start using its Molt ability when it reaches around 50% HP, so be quick to damage the boss whenever you see an energy shield appear on the boss.

Damaging the boss enough will force Nira to retreat. Enter the new arena and finish the boss off, using the same tactics as before. It won't gain any new abilities here, although it will attempt to use its Molt ability more often and summon Conculysts every time it goes invulnerable. Make good use of your bow, Smoke Screen, and nearby cover to take this Archon down.

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Heal The Lotus

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (31)

Defeating two Archons will trigger the next part of The New War. Return to the Lotus to begin healing her. She won't remember who you are and begin attacking you. Stay away from the Lotus, seeking cover whenever possible. You can't damage her here, so just try to stay alive. A cutscene will eventually play that will give the Drifter your Operator's Void powers, triggering the third and final part of this quest.

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Explore The Zariman Ten Zero

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (32)

Your Operator has made their way to the Zariman Ten Zero, the ship where you obtained your Void powers. This is a linear section without any combat. You'll find a light in a classroom you can use to proceed. When you reach a large courtyard, hang a right to find the exit. You'll eventually enter the residential quarters and walk into your room. Interact with the image of your parents to continue.

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (33)

The Operator and the Drifter meet each other aboard the Zariman Ten Zero. It turns out that the Drifter is an alternate version of the Operator that never accepted the Man in the Wall's offer, forcing them to survive aboard the Zariman without any powers. How either character is currently alive is up for conjecture, but it's clear that Ballas needs to be stopped.

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Decision: The Operator Or The Drifter

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (34)


You'll need to choose between playing as the Drifter or the Operator to finish The New War. This choice does not impact anything outside of the quest; you'll still have access to your Operator and all related upgrades when the quest is over.

This choice is mostly cosmetic. The Drifter's tech-related gadgets are lost if you decide to play as them. They'll inherit the abilities and equipped Amp that your Operator was using when the quest started, meaning both the Drifter and Operator play exactly the same for the remainder of the quest. Some lines of dialogue will change depending on who you play, but none of them impact encounters or decisions you can make in The New War.

Regardless of who you pick, you'll be brought back to the Orbiter to initiate transference with your Warframe. It looks like the Lotus is heading straight for the Sentient fleet stationed at Cetus. Time to give her a visit.

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She Gives, We Live

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (35)

Your Warframe will be deployed right outside of Quill Onkko's cave. Switch to your Operator or Drifter to enter the city. The Ostrons have all been affected by the Veil device. You can remove the device from each Ostron by Void Dashing through them. The town will give you one of the Ostron's hot-air balloons they use to reach the Unum tower. Ascend to the air dock aboard the tower, then fight your way to the top.

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Ascending each floor of the tower will require the activation of crystals scattered throughout the area. Any damage from an Amp will activate them, activating a gravity lift that will take you further up the tower. Ostron NPCs can be found on each floor, indoctrinated by the Veil device. Void Dash through them to remove the device. There doesn't seem to be a reward for completing this bonus objective, so feel free to ignore the Ostrons. All the crystals you need to destroy are marked on your HUD, so this part shouldn't take you too long to finish.

At the apex of the tower, you'll need to fight an onslaught of Sentients until a path to the Murex is formed. The Unum will open a way forward for your Warframe. Get inside the Sentient ship.

Pursue The Lotus

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (36)

You'll meet the Lotus right when you enter the Sentient ship, taking off shortly after she sees you. Follow her lead. A few Sentient enemies will do the path, nothing your Amp can't handle. One of the rooms you'll enter will have a lock that must be opened by destroying three energy locks quickly, just like you did during the Teshin segment of this quest. When you break a lock, follow the energy trail it creates to find the next lock. Rinse and repeat until the door opens.

When you open a second door and launch yourself through a gravity lift, you'll find yourself directly in front of the Lotus. She'll channel a beam of energy directed towards you. Redirect the beam's energy to the Sentients near the Lotus. The Lotus will attack you right after you kill the Sentients. Tap the interact key to beat the QTE section.

BUG: If both Sentients are slain and the Lotus QTE section can't be finished, relaunch your game.

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Approach Praghasa

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (37)

Ballas and the rest of the Sentient fleet is making their way to the sun, attempting to harness its energy to kill all life in the Solar System. Cephalon Cy will send the Railjack to your location to help you reach the fleet. Carve through the Sentient fighters to reach the fleet.

Note: Crewmates will not appear during this section. You'll have to control the Railjack by yourself.

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (38)

Praghasa is where Ballas is located, a Sentient structure docked right next to the sun. Solar flares will periodically radiate from the sun, damaging your Railjack if you're caught in the open. Use nearby space debris to protect your Railljack from the sun. As long as a large portion of the Railjack is behind a piece of debris, the solar flares won't damage you. Inch your way towards the Sentient structure, avoiding the solar flares whenever possible. The solar flares appear to stop happening when you get close to Praghasa, so feel free to use your Railjack boost once the flares stop occurring. Enter the slingshot when you're ready.

Follow Erra

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (39)

Using your Necramech, you'll need to follow Erra through the Praghasa ship. He's finally realized that Ballas is trouble and is willing to help you and the Lotus put an end to his reign. Protect Erra as he guides you through the ship, using any Necramech abilities to quickly rid of any enemy Sentients. This part is quite linear and shouldn't take you too long to complete, provided you have a good Arch-Gun. If not, feel free to use your Necramech's fourth ability to equip your Exalted weapon. This will make short work of any Sentients that get in your way.

Defeat The Final Archon

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (40)

Erra will lead you right to the Orphix generators aboard the ship, although your Necramech will stop working at this point. Use your Operator or the Drifter to eliminate the Sentients and Orphix generators they're protecting. Eliminating the generator will spawn the third Archon you didn't kill during the halfway point of the quest. Thankfully, you have your Warframe and the Paracesis this time. If you modded your gear at all, you can kill this Archon in three or four hits of the Paracesis, ending the fight immediately. Grab the Archon's crystal and proceed deeper into the ship.

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Defeat Ballas

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (41)

Ballas' narcissistic tendencies have fully revealed themselves. He's attempting to exterminate all life by consuming the energy of the sun, all in an attempt to force the Lotus and the Tenno to bow under him. The Lotus is ordered to kill you.

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (42)

This fight is entirely mechanics-driven, not driven by how much damage your Warframe can do. When Ballas ends his monologue, the Lotus will begin to charge a beam attack. Use your Operator or the Drifter to absorb the beam, then redirect the attack towards a nearby red mirror. These mirrors will only appear when the Lotus is about to attack, so keep your eyes peeled for when they spawn. You'll find them floating on the outskirts of the Sentient platform. Immediately switch back to your Warframe when a mirror is broken, as your Operator/Drifter will burn alive if they don't transfer back. Repeat this process until every mirror is broken. Each mirror you break will also spawn a few Deacons, although these enemies are nothing short of fodder if you're using the Paracesis.

BUG: Breaking every mirror sometimes won't trigger the next cutscene. If this happens to you, restart the game.

Ballas will begin to channel all of his energy towards the Lotus, revealing a health bar at the top of your HUD. Use your Operator or the Drifter's Amp to remove a chunk of Ballas' health. Ballas will attack you once a chunk of his HP is removed. Just like you did with the Lotus, red mirrors will spawn near the back of the platform when Ballas channels his energy attack. Lead Ballas' laser attack towards a mirror. Your Operator won't redirect his attack during this phase, so you'll need to stand in front of a mirror and bullet jump away when Ballas starts to channel his beam attack. You'll now be able to use your Operator/Drifter's Amp to damage Ballas. Repeat this process a total of four times to finish the fight.

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Decision: I Am...

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (43)


It's gone full circle. The Operator/Drifter has rescued the Lotus and is giving them the chance to redefine themselves, just as the Lotus did for your Operator during the Second Dream. You'll be given three choices during this part:

I Am...

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (44)
  • Sun: Natah
  • Neutral: Lotus
  • Moon: Margulis

This decision impacts how the Lotus appears for all future missions, and it also shifts your Operator/Drifter's alignment. The dialogue the Lotus gives doesn't seem to change with any choice you make here. Should you dislike how the Lotus appears after The New War, you can change her appearance in your Orbiter's crew quarters (explained in the next section).

For those who don't understand this choice, here's a brief overview of what each name signifies:

  • Natah: Lotus' true appearance. Before she was the Lotus, she was a Sentient known as Natah. This choice will showcase the Lotus as her true Sentient self.
  • Lotus: She will retake the reigns of the Lotus, an identity she forged to synthesis her old identity (Natah) with the more loving nature that resonated with the Tenno (Margulis).
  • Margulis: Lotus will focus on compassion, taking the mantle of Margulis. Margulis was responsible for the creation of Transference, the ability for the Tenno to channel their power into Warframes. She showed compassion when the Orokin wanted to murder the denizens of the Zariman Ten Zero.

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Post-Quest Content

Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest (45)

As of The New War's release, not must post-quest content is available. The following becomes available when the quest ends:

  • The ability to play as the Drifter – You can switch between your Operator and Drifter from the Operator chair in the Orbiter. Both characters play exactly the same, although the Drifter features a new suite of cosmetics and has their Amps refashioned as pistols.
    • A new Amp, the Sirocco, is also given to you on quest completion.
  • Narmer Bounties – The Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna can now host Narmer bounties, high-level bounties that give new set Mods and the component blueprints to craft Caliban, a Sentient-Warframe hybrid.
    • Only one open world can host Narmer bounties at a time. Cetus hosts them when it's daytime in the Plains of Eidolon. Conversely, Fortuna hosts them when the Plains is currently nighttime.
    • Both the Plains and Orb Vallis have also seen some visual changes following The New War.
  • Lotus Customization – Interact with the Lotus helmet in your personal quarters aboard the Orbiter to customize the Lotus' appearance, including the color of her armor.
    • Additional customization options can be purchased for the Lotus for Platinum.

Digital Extremes has confirmed that additional post-quest content will be made available throughout 2022.

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