The Bright and the Blue (The Wilderise Tales #2) (2024)

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Eileen Quinn

64 reviews1 follower

July 5, 2024

✨ Fave Quote ✨

“Times may be changing, but not everyone has such progressive views on things. It took me ages to find a position after I lost my job as an office cleaner. I hated butchery, but when people look at me, they see violence, chaos, bloodshed. They don’t see beauty, grace, elegance, any of the things I think of when I think nobility.”

“If someone looks at you and fails to see beauty, then they’re blind.”

✨ Review ✨

This was an absolutely fantastic sequel to The Good and The Green! Yorke grew so much as a writer between books one and two; characters new and old sizzled with chemistry, the plot took some delightful twists and turns, and I fell in love with the world all over again.

What I loved: Swoon-worthy MMC, the most impeccable cozy vibes, feel-good read, surprisingly sexy at times, tender and heartfelt just like book one, dual POV (Alison and Rinka—double the romance, double the fun!)

I absolutely cannot wait to get a physical copy to add to my bookshelf. This series will forever be my go-to read when I want to get lost in a beautiful fantasy realm and feel better about the world 💕

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46 reviews

July 4, 2024

I was delighted to jump back into the world of Wilderise, which I loved from the second Alison set foot in Herot's Hollow. This was another light, easy read with themes of friendship, community and finding love. Overall, I appreciated the romance between Rinka and her mysterious beau, and I was glad to see how Alison and Keir's relationship developed as well. The setting was as wonderful as ever; one of my favourite things about this universe is watching the folklore evolve, between the spriggan and the korrigans and the fairies!

My only criticism is that I feel as though the dual-perspective shortened Rinka's story and made her romance feel rushed in places. I didn't have as many pages to get to know her, and I felt it near the end of the story. Still, a delightful read in a universe that I can't wait to explore further when the third book comes out. I would absolutely recommend this to cosy readers in search of an interconnected series of romantasies.

Shannon Heck

457 reviews

June 30, 2024

Book 2 in The Wilderise Tales is Rinka’s story, but her POV alternates with Alison so she is still a large part of the book. The Bright and the Blue gives us Rinka’s sweet surprise romance, and the magic continues with new magical characters and some we have seen before. I can’t imagine a more magical place to live. There are also so many messages interwoven into the story about how people treat each other, the environment, and the power of love. There are some twists and surprises to keep things interesting, but really this series is about friendship, love, and standing up for the important things in life. There is a small cliffhanger because although the town’s new problem is temporarily solved, the characters are now on a deadline to finish their project and find a new solution for the king. I thought book 2 was better than book 1, and it’s 5 stars!


365 reviews32 followers

July 6, 2024

I enjoyed this book a lot, probably more than book one (which I also enjoyed)!
The primary reasons are Rinka and Drystan. Absolutely loved them and how they developed throughout the story.
This time, the story is a dual pov, switching between Allison and Rinka.
What I would've loved to see developed further are the relationships between Keir and his family. We're being told, instead of shown, and I felt a little bit disappointed by that. I did like the moments that Keir and Allison had together.

The pacing was a bit faster than in the first book, but I didn't mind as we still got the overall cosy vibes. Lovely read!


I received an ARC from the author. My opinions are my own.


996 reviews

July 3, 2024

Wonderful return visit to Wilderise as Rinka is on a journey to join Alison in a new life. Many delightful surprises for both Rinka and Alison as the story jumps back and forth until the friends are reunited. Alison is learning about her new magical abilities and it seems she’s not the only one. Lots of surprises meeting Keir’s family and the royal family arrives for the summer bringing both chaos and even more surprises. Very enjoyable fantasy and romance in a magical world. Looking forward to book 3.

Instead of the list of pronunciations at the beginning of the book, I would have found it useful to have who/what the characters are. I don't really need pronunciations but with so many returning characters and new ones, I would have found a reference list helpful.

Sage Myers

37 reviews2 followers

July 3, 2024


Amy Yorke has brought us another light, cozy fantasy that was hard for me to put down in this second installment of The Wilderise Tales. Loved getting to know Rinka and Idris and watching their chemistry unfold.

Such a pleasant read!

Stephanie Olayvar

21 reviews

July 8, 2024

I was so excited to read the 2nd installment of the series. The Bright and the Blue is a sweet, quaint, and magical read. It has a cozy feel that leaves you feeling happy and inspired.

Displaying 1 - 7 of 7 reviews

The Bright and the Blue (The Wilderise Tales #2) (2024)
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