Gas prices are soaring—here’s how save on gas with a Costco membership (2024)

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Whether you’re meal prepping for the week ahead, buying toiletries in bulk or looking for a great deal on a TV, there are plenty of reasons to shop at Costco—and right now, there's an even more compelling one: Cheap gas. The membership-only big box retailer has long been coveted for its massive inventory of groceries, home goods, clothing, personal care itemsand more. It basically has anything else you could ever need to survive a zombie apocalypse—or at least keep a well-stocked pantry, fridge and linen closet). It's also consistently one of the cheapest places to buy gas around, so if you're feeling the pinch at the pump as prices soar, you'll want to check this out.

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Boasting more than 113 million members over 62 million households, Costco operates 828 stores—or warehouses, as they're called—across 14 countries including the U.S., Canada, Japan, Spain, Iceland and France. Unlike a standard grocery or department store, you need a membership to shop there (and even just to get through the front door!). Costco keeps a highly curated 4,000 SKUs in inventory, which it's able to sell at wholesale prices.

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If you're interested in shopping at Costco, here’s how a Costco membership works, including how much it costs and whether or not it's worth it for you and your family.

How much is a Costco membership?

There are two types of Costco membership: the Gold Star membership and the Executive membership. The Gold Star membershipcosts $60 per year andincludes two cards—one for you and one for someone else in your household—thatgrant you access to all locations worldwide along with Costco online.

The Executive membership costs $120 and similarly includes two cards and access to all locations around the world and online. However, you also get an additional 2% savings on all qualifying purchases (with a maximum total of $1,000 in savings per year), along with savings on vacations booked through Costco Travel.

What can you buy at Costco?

The better question is what can’tyou buy at Costco? The retailer offers a wide variety of products. In the grocery section, you'll find produce, fresh bakery goods,shelf-stable pantry items—like granola bars, snacks, spices and coffee—and frozen foods. The rest of the store is a haven ofapparel, name-brand electronics, furniture, cleaning supplies, beauty items, office supplies, plants, sporting goods, fitness equipment, pharmacy staples, bedding and a whole lot more (even caskets).

Keep in mind that the in-store and online shopping experience at Costco may drastically differ—the inventory is usually far greater online than it is in store, but it’ll be cheaper to shop in store thanks to shipping fees.

What are the main benefits of Costco?

Depending on where you live, there are a few key perks to a Costco membership.

Costco gasoline

With gas prices skyrocketing, the draw of Costco gasoline might be a big sell for getting a membership. At the self-serve gas stations—which are located next to the Costco warehouses—you can fuel up with Kirkland Signature gas and diesel for lower prices than you'd pay at other pumps.

Same-day delivery

In most metropolitan areas, you can take advantage of same-day delivery powered by Instacart for purchases of $35 or more.

Concierge services

If you purchase electronics—like a TV, camera, printer or laptop—at Costco, you can take advantage of free concierge services to help set up and operate your new buy.

Free samples

Free samples have long been the cherry on top of shopping at Costco. The in-store shopping experience also includes demos of electronics. Plus, while not free, you cangrab super cheap hot dogs, pizza and other goodies from the Costco food court.

Haul Away

Instead of having to move and discard bulk items like appliances and mattresses yourself, use Costco’s Haul Awayservice, which is available in select locations. Upon delivering your new item, the delivery team will remove your bulk item and recycle it.

Credit card savings

The Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi, which doubles as a membership ID, offers 4%back on eligible gas purchases, 3% back on eligible restaurant and travel purchases and2% back on all in-store and online purchases.

Is a Costco membership worth it?

The brand claims that the $60 fee for the Gold Star membership ends up paying for itselfif you shop at Costco frequently. Of course, this all depends on how much you buy and how often. If you're someone who likes to buy in bulk or who is shopping for a household, a Costco membership is a no-brainer. It's a great way to stock up on things you need—like a 12-pack of deodorant, 30 rolls of toilet paper and a 288-pound tub of macaroni and cheese—and spend a lot less than you would at a traditional grocery store or similar retailer like Target.

Sign up for a Costco membership starting at $60/year.

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Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

Gas prices are soaring—here’s how save on gas with a Costco membership (2024)


How much does a Costco membership save you on gas? ›

To reach that total, they divided the cost of the membership by the 20 cents per gallon they estimate a driver will save by filling their tank at Costco. The resulting figure, in the case of the $60 Gold Star membership, is 300, or the number of gallons of gas you'd need to purchase to achieve $60 in savings.

Is Costco worth it just for gas? ›

Most recently I saved 38 cents a gallon at Costco compared to the other gas stations in the area. That adds up to me saving a few hundred dollars a year on gas by choosing Costco. Sometimes the lines to get gas at Costco are long, but I can see why.

What is the benefit of getting gas at Costco? ›

Buying gas at Costco can save you money -- typical savings are around $0.20 per gallon. It makes stopping at the warehouse club more convenient -- you can buy groceries and fuel up your car. The higher quality of Costco gas could help your vehicle run more smoothly.

How do I pump gas with my Costco membership card? ›

  1. Pull up to a pump and make sure your vehicle is parked in a position where you can easily access the gas tank.
  2. Turn off your engine.
  3. Insert your membership card or scan your digital ID on the Costco app.
  4. Insert or tap your payment card.
  5. Select the grade of fuel you want pumped into your car.
Apr 21, 2024

Do you get 2 cash back on Costco gas with an executive membership? ›

Gas purchases, for example, do not earn you cash back as an Executive member. Neither do cigarette purchases or alcoholic beverage purchases in certain states. Additionally, Costco Shop Cards (Costco's version of a gift card) won't be eligible for cash back, and neither will postage stamps.

Do Costco members pay less for gas? ›

Price check

Quality gas is important, yes, but so is price. Costco Gas Stations offer consistently low, member-exclusive prices. With the Costco app, you can check Costco gas prices on your phone. On the app, find your local warehouse to see hours of operation, gas prices and more warehouse details.

What is the best day to buy gas at Costco? ›

Gas stations can get busy (avoid weekends)

Avoid weekend fill-ups if you can. Buying gas on a weekend could be a nightmare, as waiting times could take hours. To avoid this, the best time to get gas at Costco is on weekdays between 10-11 in the morning.

Why is gas so much cheaper at Costco? ›

So why is it so much cheaper than the competition? The short answer is that unlike pretty much every other retail business that sells gasoline, Costco doesn't care about making money from its gas pumps. In fact, Costco typically sells its gas at a moderate loss.

Is the $120 Costco membership worth it? ›

At first, you might think that it's silly to pay double for a Costco membership. But you should know that the Executive membership gives you 2% cash back on your Costco purchases. So if you do enough shopping, the Executive membership makes sense.

Why do so many people use Costco gas? ›

But the one thing that tops the list for the majority of their customers is the low Costco gas price. If you're looking to save money on gas—or anything car-related, including tires—Costco is the way to go. In fact, Costco's gas prices are the lowest in many states.

What is the gas rebate on the Costco card? ›

Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi Cash Back Rewards

You'll get 4% back on eligible gasoline purchases for the first $7,000 per year and then 1% thereafter. You'll also earn 3% on restaurants and eligible travel purchases, including Costco Travel.

Is Costco fuel good quality? ›

Costco fuel stations are well-maintained by our capable attendants so you may be confident that the fuel going into your car is clean. Costco uses fuel filters in the petrol pumps to catch particles or debris larger than 10 microns in diameter. For comparison, the average human hair is seventy microns thick.

Can my friend use my Costco card to get gas? ›

Costco Shop Cards may only be purchased or recharged by members, but with assistance from an attendant to first authorize the pump, anyone can use a Costco Shop Card to pay for fuel.

What is the top tier gas at Costco? ›

Costco adheres to top-tier gasoline standards, enhancing fuel quality with increased detergents to maintain engine performance and cleanliness. You might wonder why top-tier gas additives are not mandated by law. The EPA's standards are primarily based on emissions associated with additive use.

Does Costco take credit cards at the gas pump? ›

Costco accepts Visa credit cards in-store and at its gas stations, but the only place to use a Mastercard is online at Most debit cards are accepted at all three, but if you want to use your credit card, those are your options.

How much does Costco give back on gas? ›

Earn cash back rewards on purchases wherever Visa® is accepted. You'll get 4% back on eligible gasoline purchases for the first $7,000 per year and then 1% thereafter.

Which Costco membership allows you to get gas? ›

Costco Gold Star ($60/year plus tax). This includes two membership cards and allows you to shop in Costco Warehouse stores, get Costco gas and buy online at

Is it worth it to get a Costco membership? ›

If you buy your home or auto insurance through Costco, the Executive membership will get you some exclusive benefits such as roadside and lockout assistance. If you're on the cusp of a $3,000 annual spend but also use those services, it might make the membership worthwhile.

How much do you need to spend at Costco to make membership worth it? ›

If you typically spend more than $3,000 a year on Costco purchases, or if you anticipate spending more than $3,000, then you should keep or upgrade to an Executive membership. Why is $3,000 the magic number? It's simple. The cost to upgrade from a basic Costco membership to an Executive membership is $60.

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